Bubble Tea

Like real Taiwanese Bubble tea should taste!

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Q & A

What is Bubble tea?

Bubble tea, also called Boba Tea, is a beverage, originally from Taiwan, to which toppings are added. The original was made up of tea with milk and tapioka pearls.

Is it cold or hot?

Generally we serve all of our drinks ice-cold. The special drinks can be served hot upon request.

What is the difference between green, black and oolong tea?

Green tea has a relatively mild and fresh flavor. Oolong is semi-oxidized tea with a smoky flavor. Black tea is the standard.

What is the difference between popping, jelly and classic?

Popping are pearls filled with fruit juice. Jelly are made out of cocounuts with fruit flavor and a jelly-like consistency. Classic are the original toppings.

Which beverage is recommended/most popular?

We recommend Thai Tea (S4) as a first for those who like milk-based drinks. Lemonade with litchi flavor is a good choice for those who prefer more tangy drinks without milk.

Which topping is recommended/most popular?

We always recommend tapioca for milk-based drinks. Brunor are a good choice for most drinks.

What is tapioca?

Tapioca are pearls made out of cassava-flour, and are the original toppings for Bubble tea. They have a chewy texture and are lightly sweet.

Do all specials contain coffee?

No, only Caffe latte contain coffee. All of them contain milk though.

Are there vegan alternatives?

Yes, all toppings and drinks, except for those that contain milk, are vegan.